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There’s nothing worse than having the internal DRIVE and MOTIVATION to be physically active and fit, but then having tennis elbow rear its UGLY head.

And there’s NOTHING worse than succumbing to the NAGGING ELBOW PAIN that keeps you on the sidelines of the activities you love most.

It just plain hurts — physically AND mentally.

You’re left wondering if ANYTHING will ever work to fix it. Will you get your workouts back? Your fitness back? YOUR LIFE BACK?

Well, I’ve got good some news for you (actually, ‘good news’ doesn’t even cut it… this is TRANSFORMATIVE, life-changing news).

But first, you should know that you’re not alone.

Nearly 83% of active adults will suffer with tennis elbow in their lifetime. 83%!!! And more than 1 million people JUST LIKE YOU visit the doctor EVERY YEAR for this exact elbow condition.

And until today, the prognosis has been pretty… well, bleak. There’s literally nothing on the market that seems to relieve the pain, let alone eliminate it at the source… forever.

But just when you thought you are a lifelong, sufferer of elbow pain…

You learn that YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR TENNIS ELBOW, 100% on your own, WITHOUT expensive medical bills, from the comfort of your own home, and KEEP IT FROM COMING BACK!

“The Fix My Elbow programme changed my life. Luccock's work is brilliant yet simple.”

A great service from James and the team. Really easy to use and super helpful hints, tips and videos that really guide you through everything you need to know. The website has a great flow and doesn't overwhelm the user by keeping it informative yet simple. Really pleased I chose to do this and such a good price for the service you receive.

David Dixon

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Hi, my name is James Luccock...

I’m a renowned Physiotherapist who works with the best-of-the-best around the globe — from football, golf, tennis, rugby athletes… to elite military units, A-list actors, Olympic athletes … the list goes on.

I’m being featured in several major media outlets and publications for what I’M ABOUT TO SHARE WITH YOU.

You see, I’ve seen my own patients and clients feeling totally down and out with tennis elbow.

I’ve literally seen them BROUGHT TO TEARS because they couldn’t follow their passions and do what they loved most.

And then I’ve seen them implement my protocol… and in a matter of MINUTES the pain starts to dissipate, and many report that it never comes back.

And for the first time ever, I’m sharing this closely-guarded secret protocol with you. Why? Because I hate to see good people in pain…

And YOU deserve to get on with your passions and on with your LIFE.

My best-selling Tennis Elbow Protocol is an easy-to-follow master guide that shows you EXACTLY how to improve your tennis elbow at home so it likely NEVER COMES BACK AGAIN!

(Seriously, you’re going to LOVE this and wish you had found it YEARS ago)

James Luccock’s Best-Selling Tennis Elbow Protocol

Teaches YOU The Foolproof Method Of Treating Your Pain So It Never Returns, And Includes:

The cutting-edge COMPLETE approach

That can reduce pain quickly, restore function, and prevent recurrence

A PROVEN self-treatment model

Based on the idea that many people DON’T HAVE THE TIME or money to visit PTs or Doctors

Everything you need

To ensure you’re in tip-top shape for running, walking, sports, or whatever activities you love most.

A step-by-step video guide that ANYONE can follow

Even if they have no knowledge of physical therapy principles.

The satisfaction of knowing you’re getting quality treatment

From a renowned physiotherapist (without the steep price tag or hassle).

The best gift of all

 the ability to get back to CRUSHING your fitness goals again!

James Luccock MCSP’s #1 Best-Selling Tennis Elbow Protocol is Specially Designed To VANQUISH Your Pain And Is PERFECT For YOU Or ANYONE Who Is:

  • Suffering with chronic tennis elbow and is sick and tired of dealing with the nagging pain

  • Unable to participate/compete in the activities they truly enjoy

  • Wanting to better understand how the condition occurs so they can treat the source and slay the tennis elbow dragon once and for all

  • Excited to learn how to optimize arm tissue for ULTRA-FAST healing

  • Desires to learn EXACTLY how to improve the mechanics of their feet for PEAK performance

  • Chomping at the bit to GET THE TOOLS THEY NEED to avoid getting tennis elbow EVER again!

    If ANY of this sounds familiar, don’t worry, you’re in good hands!



What’s Peak Performance Worth To YOU?

I should be charging £500+ for my Tennis Elbow Protocol… and it’s easily worth that price and more.

After all, it packs the SAME physiotherapy secrets that I normally reserve for my high-profile clients like pro athletes, Olympic medalists, Hollywood stars, and the like.

And this PROVEN protocol contains my YEARS OF EXPERT EXPERIENCE as a renowned Physiotherapist, and it includes EVERYTHING you need to get on the FAST TRACK to total healing.

But guess what… I’m NOT charging £500+. I’m not even charging £250 or £100.

That’s right… you can take control of your fitness regimen and get back to CRUSHING your goals FASTER THAN FAST!

That’s right… you can take control of your fitness regimen and get back to CRUSHING your goals FASTER THAN FAST!

Today only, I’m offering you my Proven Tennis Elbow Protocol at a FRACTION of what it normally sells for.

And here’s why…

First, I don’t want price to stand in your way of experiencing pain-free fitness.

Second, I really hate to see good people fail (there’s just no reason for it).

And finally, I know with 100% certainty that this protocol is going to transform your life from the feet up.



The Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Back On The Court!

Get James Luccock MCSP’s Tennis Elbow Protocol To Help Reduce The Nagging Pain FOREVER And Get Back To The Activities You Love!

Today ONLY you can get my 
best-selling protocol that’s valued at over £500 — for ONE LOW Price of £49… 

That’s right, ONLY £49!


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